Anomie Belle
Seattle, WA

Anomie Belle is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, and artivist from Seattle. Originally a classically trained violinist and songwriter, Anomie has an eclectic, avant-garde musical style that incorporates aspects of electronic, contemporary classical, art pop, experimental, trip hop, glitch, and soul.

Her music grapples with issues ranging from critiques of power to intimacy and sexuality. Anomie often explores the emotional experiences of “beautiful alienation” created by modern consumer society, and the passive guilt of unsustainable lifestyles that are destructive to our natural environment and human well-being. She has also highlighted these issues in collaboration with artists across disciplines, or Culture Jammers such as The Yes Men. In 2012 Anomie Belle contributed vocals and production to several tracks on Eighty One, the album from Ninja Tune artist, Yppah.

Flux, Anomie's third album, features an interdisciplinary art project exploring disillusionment and the search for identity. A haunting and darkly sexy portrait of beautiful alienation, it highlights the consonance and dissonance of our modern isolation. Through constantly evolving, dreamlike and intimate musical soundscapes, Anomie juxtaposes fragility with desire, struggle with self-knowledge, and complacence with wisdom.

Fourteen visual art pieces accompany Flux in an art book. Each piece functions as a portrait of Anomie and her music. Provocative and immersive, both the music and art convey a deeply honest, sensual, imaginative, and complex set of surreal landscapes. Artists include Marco Mazzoni, Redd Walitzki, Mark Demsteader, Kari-Lise Alexander, Casey Weldon, Meredith Marsone, Alessandra Maria, Alex Garant, Alpay Efe, Januz Miralles, Maria Teicher, Antonio Velfin, Alexandra Becker-Black and Zin Lim.

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Play 35e96328a0c212073f0eb2ea81d3b54ff902d55d33c43b9f93b65581e341372b
Play 35e96328a0c212073f0eb2ea81d3b54ff902d55d33c43b9f93b65581e341372b