Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lulacruza is an electronic folk duo operating at the junction of hypermodern and ancient. Their music weaves together hypnotic female singing, South American folk instruments, and electronic processing. Lulacruza combines traditional songs, soundscapes, and dance music with astonishing ease. Their music has the power to induce intense, trance-like states invoking otherworldly nature spirits, and activating the resonant frequencies of the human body.

The duo consists of Alejandra Ortiz (Colombia) and Luis Maurette (Argentina). Ortiz is an extraordinary songbird, and plays the Colombian cuatro along with percussion. Maurette complements with electronic production, as well as percussion and charango. In their live sets, they process and sample acoustic instruments, moving from tribal beats and songs smudged with electronic textures, to beautiful drones and chants.

Since meeting at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, USA, Lulacruza has performed in over 50 cities, in 5 countries, and released 5 albums: Do Pretty! (2006), Soloina (2008), an EP of remixes called Canta (2009), Circular Tejido (2011) and the upcoming Orcas (2015).

Their music has been included in documentaries in Colombia, Argentina and Mexico, as well as compilations in Japan, Argentina, Italy, the USA, and Venezuela. In 2007, they were chosen as Today’s Top Tune on Morning Becomes Eclectic KCRW 89.9. In 2008, they were Artists in Residency at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco, CA, and were recipients of both the Zellerbach Family Foundation grant and the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation grant for their multidisciplinary performances and social reach. In 2009 and 2011, their second and fourth albums were included in the prestigious Club del Disco catalogue in Argentina.

They are based in Buenos Aires (Argentina). All their music is Pay-What-You-Want at

Remix 1 Evan Bluetech
Remix 2 Adam Starr

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Play 35e96328a0c212073f0eb2ea81d3b54ff902d55d33c43b9f93b65581e341372b
Play 35e96328a0c212073f0eb2ea81d3b54ff902d55d33c43b9f93b65581e341372b