After founding Sub Pop, signing Nirvana, and putting Seattle on the map while orchestrating the worldwide Grunge phenomenon, Bruce Pavitt took a step back. He "retired" from the music industry to raise a family on Orcas, a remote island in the Northwest corner of Washington State. It’s a small community, so it wasn’t long before he met musician, producer and tech entrepreneur, Adam Farish. The two bonded over a shared love of music, and discussed what the future of the industry would look like. They agreed it would be participatory, interactive, and mobile.

Fast forward 10 years, and iOS technology finally caught up to their shared vision. Soon Adam began to design a new audio format and platform that would allow any listener to remix music on their phone. Adam then showed his prototype to Bruce. Bruce, given his history in promoting regional culture, immediately saw it as a way to revolutionize the music industry. They officially incorporated as 8Stem in 2015, and set out to launch music 2.0.

The Team

Adam Farish

Adam Farish — Founder, CEO

Musician, producer, sound engineer, and tech entrepreneur. Before designing the 8Stem format and platform, Adam was the co-founder of SmartAmerica Home Automation. He was also a nationally touring EDM DJ with two albums, multiple EPs and several 12” singles to his credit. Co-owner (with his wife) of the Outlook Inn on Orcas Island.

Bruce Pavitt

Bruce Pavitt — Co-Founder, Creative Director

Founder of Sub Pop records, Bruce signed Nirvana and catapulted the Seattle music scene onto the global stage. A certified legend in the industry, he is recognized in music history books, documentaries and museum exhibits. He continues to be frequently sought out for his comments on the history and future of music. Author of Experiencing Nirvana and Sub Pop USA (Bazillion Points).

Mark Puckett

Mark Puckett — CTO

Mark has 20 years of software engineering and management experience working at start-ups, established companies, and start-ups that have become established companies. He was most recently Lead Software Engineer at zulily, building cutting edge v1 features across the web and mobile platforms and helping scale the platforms through 4 years of extreme growth.

Phillip Van Rooyen

Phillip Van Rooyen - Director of User Experience

As the first design hire at Amazon, Phillip worked directly with CEO Jeff Bezos, playing a major role in shaping the brand experience of In addition to extensive UI, UX and design experience, he is a thorough tester of customer focused business strategies.

Phil Weatherill

Phil Weatherill — Marketing & Strategy

A music industry, advertising, and marketing veteran, Phil has spent 20 years working in creative departments. He has developed strategy, written content, and implemented marketing plans for such diverse brands as Sub Pop, Boom Theory (partner), Safeco, and AT&T.

Aaron Starkey

Aaron Starkey — Technologist & Business Development

Aaron is a guitarist and songwriter who also happens to be an ace technical strategist, product manager and developer. In addition to playing music, Aaron has spent 20+ years in the online music space, including tenure as the Online Director of KEXP, Program Manager at Microsoft in Windows Media, and an early technologist at

AJ Sorbello

AJ Sorbello — Lead Engineer & Producer

AJ Sorbello has established a versatile musical career over the past 12 years. With a heavy focus on audio production, he is a sought-after music producer, audio engineer, and DJ, in addition to being the A&R Director of Build It Records. As lead engineer and producer for 8Stem, AJ has defined the sound of much of The Company’s catalog.

Evan Bartholomew

Evan Bartholomew — A&R

Evan is a musician, producer, founder of Native State Records and Somnia collectors label, and co-founder of Thoughtless Music. He has worked with many highly respected artists in addition to performing internationally and releasing 15 albums of his own work. He is also an accomplished 3D artist, illustrator and web developer with the design collective, Animas Creative.

Will Daugherty

Will Daugherty — Advisory Board Member

Currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Washington, Will has 20+ years of success in entrepreneurial, high-growth, and turnaround situations. In addition to strategy, operations, finance, and general management, he has deep expertise in software and services, e-commerce, digital media, and mobile. He has spent more than 10 years as an executive with full P&L responsibility at Doubledown Interactive, Amazon, Expedia and AT&T Wireless. Will is also on the Board of Directors at KEXP.

Gregg Goldman

Gregg Goldman — Advisory Board Member

Currently Head of Business Development at EMP, Gregg previously spent 13 years as a music attorney for Sony, Warner, and Rhino Records. His expertise includes intellectual property, entertainment, and deal negotiation/legal affairs in addition to management of executive teams (with P&L responsibility). He has built a unique reputation for identifying new revenue streams and monetizing content after deals were closed by working with such diverse artist estates as Frank Sinatra and The Grateful Dead.

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